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You’ve Heard Of Indica And Sativa But Have You Heard Of Ruderalis?

Cannabis ruderalis is a small, fast growing plant only reaching heights of around 90cm. It has very narrow leaves and only a small amount of side branches and flowers. Not only this, the THC content of cannabis ruderalis is extremely low

Article by WH

You may ask, why would anyone grow this then? What is the advantage of such a small, weedy plant that has not THC? Well, cannabis ruderalis has a secret weapon—she is autoflowering. Unlike cannabis sativa and cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis does not require certain light patterns in order to flower. It flowers automatically as it grows regardless of the amount of light it gets. This means that it is age, not light that dictates its cycle, a feature that makes it very interesting for cultivation, especially when cross-bred with indica or sativa.

Due to the efforts of breeders the world over, it is fairly easy to obtain ruderalis hybrids. When bred with an indica plant or sativa plant, growers will find ruderalis hybrids can retain the effects of sativa or indica, whilst allowing the strain to flower automatically. This means they get the advantages of both autoflowering and high THC/CBD content. In the end, rederalis is one more tool in a grower’s toolbox to produce the best possible end result.

The Different Species of Cannabis

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