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Welcome to our new blog!

First, we would like to introduce ourselves. Under The Tree BioPharmaceuticals, or UTT BioPharma, is a pharmaceutical company specialising in the research and production of cannabis derived products. Our goal is to streamline the development and production of cannabinoid based medicine.

But, UTT BioPharma is more than a company to us. We, a multinational team of experts led by CEO Sergio Pagliazzi, believe that the cannabis plant holds the key to significantly improving the lives of patients around the world.

As most of you will know, nations across the globe are currently seeing a shift in the way people think about cannabis. Fuelled by a growing body of scientific evidence, anecdotes from around the world and the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, clinicians, politicians and law makers are looking for evidence based, high quality information.

And this is where UTT BioPharma comes in. Working hand in hand with our international board of advisors, we aim to provide evidence based consulting services, guiding recipients through the changing political and social landscape. While the provision of safe and effective cannabis derived medications remains our priority, we hope to create a global network that shares information, organises joint events and helps to develop new guidelines.

So what will this blog be about? We want to use this platform to keep you updated on all the latest company news as well as developments in the field. We will be posting our latest publications, business updates and other news from around the world.

In the coming weeks we will also be introducing and hearing from our board of advisors, consisting of experts from around the world who will feature frequently, keeping you up to date on their latest contributions and opinions regarding everything happening in the field.

If you would like to work with us, guest feature on our blog or just want to give us your feedback, we would love to hear from you here.

Stay tuned!

Tilman Benzino, CTO


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