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THCA and THCV molecules


THCA and THCV molecules

THCA and THCV: molecules with great therapeutic potential

S Pagliazzi and A R Mohammad


The use of the Cannabis plant as a medicine is deep rooted in history, with evidence of its medicinal use dating back to the 2900 B.C. [1]. There are up to 92 known active compounds present in the plant, with variable activities and potencies. The percentage levels of the respective compounds are extremely variable, largely dependent on the genetics of the strain (which control the expression levels of each compound). It’s well known that the psychoactive property of the Cannabis plant is largely due to the presence of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a major compound present in many strains of the Cannabis plant. It is largely due to this compounds that Cannabis is registered as a Schedule 1 drug in many countries around the world.

Interestingly the psychoactive properties of THC can create confusion about the other structurally similar compounds present in Cannabis. The two compounds that will be discussed are the biosynthetic precursor of THC, Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and the structural homologue Tetrahydrocannabivarin(THCV). Unlike THC these two compounds do not have psychoactive properties (that eventually led to the illegal status) and display considerable therapeutic potential in a variety of diseases and conditions. They are meant to be responsible for the well-regarded therapeutic effects of Cannabis in a variety of diseases, and henceforth require further probing from a scientific standpoint.

THCA is the acidic precursor to THC, and the decarboxylation of THCA occurs as a result of […]

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