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Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014

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Ms Sophie Dunstone

Committee Secretary
Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee PO Box 6100
Canberra ACT 2600

Email: legcon.sen [at]

Re: Inquiry into the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014

We hereby wish to submit an inquiry to the Australian Government and all relevant bodies to support the Regulator of Medical Cannabis Bill 2014. We wish to acknowledge that the newly established working group for research on medicinal cannabis, the European Network for Research on Therapeutical Cannabis, supports the “Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014. The group, represented by the secretary Sergio Pagliazzi, Pharmaceutical Engineer, and President Professor Umberto Veronesi, former Italian Ministry of Health, is strongly convinced of the importance of properly regulating access and research concerning products derived from cannabis. As well as this group, Professor Terence John O’Brien (The James Stewart Chair of Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine, The Royal Melbourne and Western Hospital, at The University of Melbourne) and Dr Tina Soulis (General Manager at Neuroscience Trials Australia) also wish to present their support to this bill. We are supporting the proposal for a legislative change because there is a need to clearly evaluate clinical uses by pursuing clinical studies that comply with Good Clinical Practice regulations, given the promising pharmacological activities of the active compounds of the plant, shown by a tremendous increase in scientific publications as well as the overriding anecdotal evidence coming from the USA.

Following a worldwide change in opinions regarding the use of medical cannabis, we agree with the proposed bill by stating that there is an absolute need to create a lawful regulatory […]


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