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Public Submission in response to the Victorian Law Reform Commission Medicinal Cannabis: Issues Paper

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19th April 2015

Victorian Law Reform Commission GPO Box 4637
Melbourne, Victoria

RE: Public Submission in response to the Victorian Law Reform Commission Medicinal

Cannabis: Issues Paper

In response to the questions posted in the “Victorian Law Reform Commission Medicinal Cannabis: Issues Paper”. Our group welcomes the opportunity given to help the commission in the assessment of a Law Proposal on Medicinal Cannabis by answering the questions presented at the end of the issue paper with the aim of contributing by giving helpful advices thanks to our expertise and knowledge within the queries raised.

The group is represented in this letter by Sergio Pagliazzi, Chief Executive Officer of Under The Tree Biopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd. and Secretary of the newly established European Network of Therapeutical Cannabis Research supported by Veronesi’s Foundation. We are working in collaboration with Yehuda Baruch, Head of Research and Regulation of One World Cannabis Ltd. whom shall propose their view in a separate statement.

Besides, the group is supported in this submission by influential members of organisations such as University of Melbourne, Neuroscience Trials Australia, IEO (European Institute of Oncology) and Veronesi’s Foundation. Between these our colleagues and scientific advisors such as Professor Terence John O’Brien, The James Stewart Chair of Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine at The Royal Melbourne and Western Hospital and at The University of Melbourne, Dr Tina Soulis, General Manager of Neurotrials Australia and Prof. Umberto Veronesi, founder of the above mentioned Foundation and of the IEO, renowned oncologist and former Italian Minister of Health.

The Medicinal Cannabis program in Israel is thought to the best model to follow, and has been the inspiration for other models which are been designed in Europe and North America. Dr. Yehuda Baruch was the head of the Medicinal cannabis program in Israel for ten years and designed to implementation

the entire program. He is consulting with Canadian authorities regarding the Medicinal Cannabis Program in Canada, was a key player for education programs on medical cannabis for the medical staff established in Czech Republic and helped designing their model for the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme.

UTT Biopharmaceuticals Pty Ltd has collaborations with top scientists in the field of Cannabis Science, and has highly experienced and skilled personnel who are currently […]

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