The UTT BioPharma team consists of personnel well versed in the science, regulation and applications of the cannabis plant. The group is well connected with highly reputable figures within the medical profession, as well as public health reform. It is able to provide consulting and advisory services to government bodies, or political groups which are campaigning for its medicinal use. The UTT BioPharma team could advise on matters such as:

  • Educating and reforming public opinion on the use of cannabis derived medicinal products. There has to be philosophical change of thought regarding the role of the cannabis family of species in society. This includes recognising the potential of abuse, and facilitating schemes to provide controlled medical access.
  • Constituents present in the cannabis plant which could have great medical benefits to particular diseases, and the research streams required to investigate their use.
  • The absolute necessity for proper control, quality reform and precise scientific classification of cannabis derived products to ensure there is no abuse, as it is currently so in many societies.
  • How the cannabis plant can contribute greatly to society, in many facets, and a vertically integrated system can ensure it is done so in a foolproof manner.