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Cancer survivor who claims cannabis oil cured him wants to help others

Article by The Sentinel Story by Michelle Chow

CANCER survivor David Hibbitt is setting up a patient support foundation – after putting his recovery down to taking cannabis oil.

The 33-year-old was diagnosed with stage-three bowel cancer in July 2012, and underwent radiotherapy and chemotherapy before having surgery in March 2013.

But when doctors told the father-of-one the cancer had returned and it was terminal, David decided to stop chemotherapy and began taking cannabis oil.

After being told by doctors he is now cancer-free, David is hoping to set up a support network for cancer patients who are looking for alternative treatments.

David, of Silverdale, said: “When I was told I had terminal cancer, I just couldn’t accept it. I was in my early 30s and I had my son to think about, so I decided to try alternative treatments.

“A few people had already suggested using cannabis oil, so I decided to look into the research before I decided to give it a go.”

David started taking small amounts of cannabis oil in May 2014, alongside courses of chemotherapy.

He said: “I took very small amounts at first alongside chemotherapy, but I started missing my appointments at the hospital for one reason or another.

“Come to the end of August, I felt that the chemotherapy was actually making me poorly. I thought that if I was going to die, I didn’t want to feel this ill, so I decided to stop my treatment.

“I continued taking cannabis oil, but I also had other treatments such as radiotherapy, and I also had an operation at the end of October 2014.”

The Sentinel revealed in April last year that after a scan in January, he was given the all-clear, and is now working to set up the David Hibbitt Foundation.

He said: “Since telling others about my story, I have had a lot of people get in touch wanting to know more about alternative treatments.

“It just seems like there is nowhere for people to go to get this sort of advice.

“I don’t want people to think that cannabis oil is a miracle cure, but I just want people to know there are other treatments out there that can help.

“The Foundation will have a support group that is completely free to join and it will be a place where people can get advice, as well as talk to each other about their experiences. It’s about giving people a bit of hope.”

Cancer patient Gary Cartlidge, aged 59, of Basford, said: “I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2014 and the doctors only gave me between three and six months to live.

“I started using cannabis oil about 12 months ago, and I am still here.

“What David is doing is tremendous because there are people out there who need help, but don’t know where to go for advice on alternative treatments.”

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